Crane Assisted Tree Removal In
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Crane assisted tree removal for large trees or tight spaces improves safety and labor time with less impact on the area around your trees.

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    Crane-Assisted Tree Services

    At TREES BY JAKE, we strive to provide the highest quality and safest tree care in Tulsa and the surrounding cities. As a result, we have made extensive investments to mechanize as much of the tree care process as possible. Not many tree care companies own and operate their own crane. At TREES BY JAKE, we own and operate our very own Tree-Mek – a knuckleboom crane with a Mecanil grapple saw attachment. Unlike the traditional stick boom crane, the Tree-Mek is specifically made for the tree industry – the crane is more versatile and allows for a saw attachment so that a tree can be cut remotely without a climber in the tree.

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    Benefits Of Crane-assisted Tree Removal Include:

    • Accessibility to trees that may not otherwise have equipment access

    • Safer tree care operations

    • More efficient than traditional tree removal techniques

    • Less impact on surrounding lawns/landscape

    What Are Crane-assisted Tree Services?

    Cranes are utilized to assist with tree services when the tree cannot be safely climbed, there is no adequate drop zone or work space, or there is large-diameter wood that is difficult to maneuver. Cranes are also often used when it comes to storm damage and/or emergency tree response which often involves hoisting a tree, or part of a tree, off a home or other structure. Traditional tree removal, especially large tree removal, is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Crane-assisted tree services are more efficient and less impactful to the surrounding lawn and landscape. The crane can also be used to hoist a climber or equipment, such as a skid steer or stump grinder, to an area that would otherwise not be accessible to provide complete tree care.

    How Much Does Crane-assisted Tree Removal Cost?

    The cost depends on a variety of factors, including the size, and condition of the tree, skill required to safely remove it, and equipment access/setup time. Trees that require larger cranes or are very complex will cost more and will take longer to remove. Most trees that are removed with a crane take 1 day or less. As with any tree service, our office will provide advance notice of scheduled work and we do ask that there is full access to the property for equipment (no vehicles in driveway or street, no pets in the yard, no locked gates, etc.). In rare cases, tree removal may require a permit to shut down a street and our office can take care of the permitting process if required.

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    Why Choose Crane-assisted Tree Services?

    The use of a Tree-Mek increases both safety and efficiency on a jobsite by eliminating or decreasing the need for a climber and/or extensive rigging. Because the footprint of a Tree-Mek is smaller than a traditional crane and can be setup in tight areas, tree work can be completed where it might not otherwise be possible. Our crews are trained to maximize efficiency and will determine the best possible setup for the crane. A common challenge faced by tree crews is minimizing the impact on lawns and landscapes, especially when it comes to large tree removal. The Tree-Mek reduces such impact since debris can be hoisted up and out in large pieces and the amount of equipment required to move material across lawns is decreased.

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    Our Crane Process

    During your estimate, one of our Tulsa ISA Certified Arborists will assess the potential jobsite and determine whether a crane should be utilized. The condition of the tree, hazards, access issues, and location are just some of the factors that will be considered. If a crane is used, the crew will ensure proper and safe equipment setup before any tree work begins. Utilizing a crane during a tree removal can actually turn a hazard tree into a safer tree as the removal process is much more controlled than if the tree were being rigged down. Depending on the reach and the size of the tree, our crane operator will either utilize the grapple saw attachment which will clamp onto the wood while it cuts it or a climber will use specialized slings to secure the piece to the crane. With its versatility, the Tree-Mek allows for vertical extraction when space is limited and can hoist debris over obstacles such as structures, fencing and landscaping. Once on the ground, one or more of our skid steers will move the material to a grapple truck which will then load the debris and haul it away.

    Crane Safety And Compliance

    Cranes are a high-specialized piece of equipment that require extensive knowledge and training to operate safely. All crane-assisted tree work conducted in the U.S. must comply with safety requirements found in OSHA, ANSI, and ASME. An important part of safe crane operations is understanding equipment limitations, interpreting load charts, and experience. Safe crane removals are directly dependent on the tree crew that is carrying out the task. At TREES BY JAKE, all crane operators are NCCER Crane Certified which involves training, an exam, and hands-on operation. In 2023 alone, our crews conducted almost 60 crane-assisted tree removals, including over 40 highly-technical emergency tree responses, and are very experienced when it comes to using a crane to complete tree work. Crane operations should be smooth and controlled, which takes extensive experience.

    Crane work also requires exceptional teamwork and communication. At TREES BY JAKE, all of our crew members are employees who work together every day who have been trained in industry and company safety operations. Our crews utilize an advanced Bluetooth communication system so that we do not have to rely on hand signals which can difficult to see and misinterpreted.

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    Request Your Quote For Crane-assisted Tree Work

    Because we own and operate our own crane, we are able to offer crane-assisted tree work at a more reasonable rate than tree companies that have to hire an outside crane and operator. When looking for a company to hire for tree removal, particularly difficult, large, or hazard trees, homeowners should look for a company that prioritizes safety. Do ask questions regarding the actual process, insurance policies, and credentials. Companies that heavily invest into safety programs, employee training, and equipment to mechanize tree care are serious about safety. At TREES BY JAKE, are happy to answer questions in detail regarding your job. A Certificate of Insurance will come directly from our agent if requested, and all credentials are posted on our website and can be verified. Contact TBJ for your large tree removal needs!

    Client Reviews

    Absolutely the best! They had a small area to work with and valuable property all the way around them. Nonetheless, their technical skill combined with their state-of-the-art equipment was beyond comforting to watch. The man power behind the skill and equipment was just as impressive! No labor shortage here! I feel so smart for picking Trees By Jake. (My husband came in and saw all the equipment and teams working, and said, “This is so impressive. Where did you find this team!?”)

    angi bowman

    A large crew spent 2 fulls days at our property removing trees, trimming trees that were not removed, and installing multiple cables to help with stability. We were impressed every step of the way - from our initial contact with Allison in the office to completion. Jake is a certified arborist and came out and spent a good deal of time with us to discuss options. The estimate we received was professional and made it very easy to approve the work. Any questions we had were answered in a timely manner and we received an insurance certificate showing all of their policies. The men working were friendly and very professional. Our property looks amazing and we will continue to hire them for maintenance.

    Lisa Wishman

    Wow!! So impressed! From the quote to the time they left, it was totally impressed. Great value for the money. Their equipment is top notch. The techs were professional. I had 6 trees removed, all very close to the house. They made me feel safe as they knew what they were doing. Would definitely use again and highly recommend Trees by Jake.

    Jim Greenlee

    We have used Jake Tree Service several times for various projects and have been very impressed with their professionalism and quality of their work each time. We had a very large tree branch blown down after the last storm, blocking our gate. Jake's crew was out the next day to remove it. Thank you, Jake! Your are the best.

    Thomas McCoy

    I had a large limb fall on my house. The job was more than I could tackle my self. I knew I needed an expert. I called Trees by Jake and they got me taken care of. Great service, cleaned up after the job. Simply great. I highly recommend them. I will be sure to use them again. The price was very reasonable considering the work that had to be done.

    John Scatamacchia

    We loved our experience with Trees by Jake. Jake and Allison were professional, easy to communicate with, and so personable. The price was very reasonable for the amount of work they did. 10/10 experience. We will definitely use them again!

    Cassidy Pierce

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