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    With safety and service at the forefront of everything we do, Bixby Tree Service is backed by an extensive track record of always doing right by their customers, and providing exceptional services that exceed expectations.

    From simple tree removal services, to maintenance and hard to access trees, we have the experience, equipment, and ability to get the job done reliably and safely.

    Jenks, Ok Tree Services

    Oklahoma is home to a multitude of tree species, many of which offer considerable benefits to both the environment as well as the beautification of property. When properly maintained, trees can offer a cooling shade in the hot summer months, act as a sound and wind barrier, reduce soil erosion, and more.

    But when left unmaintained, trees can transform from a valued feature of your property, to a hazard posing risk to people and property.

    At Trees By Jake, we offer a full range of tree services, enhancing trees’ natural beauty while maintaining optimal health and reducing risks from fallen limbs or disease.


    Trees By Jake is proud to offer a wide selection of affordable, high-impact tree services for home and business owners throughout the greater jenks, OK area. Focused on delivering incredible service, value, and results, our team of talented tree professionals has a track record of satisfied customers and finished projects that exceed expectations.

    Emergency tree services

    Storm damage and cleanup
    Tree pruning and trimming
    Cabling and bracing
    Tree removal
    Certified arborist services

    Tree stump removal

    Disease diagnosis and treatment

    Annual tree inspections

    Stump grinding

    Large tree removal

    And more...

    Jenks Tree Service

    Professional Tree removal Services in Jenks, OK

    Arborist - Tree Surgeon

    Arborist are licensed professional who have undergone extensive courses and fieldworks in the area of tree science and tree biology. They have extensive experience working with a broad range of species throughout Jenks, Ok, and can provide professional insight and assessments of a tree's health, risks, and services that maybe be beneficial.

    Tree Trimming And Pruning Services

    Each spring brings with it the start of a new growth cycle, as well as an opportunity for home and business owners to address any issues related to tree health. Spring and fall represent two of the most ideal times to trim and prune trees, reducing stress, removing diseased limbs, and shaping to enhance curb appeal as well as safety.

    The Importance Of Tree Trimming And Maintenance For Jenks, Ok Residents

    The Importance of Tree Trimming and Maintenance for Jenks, OK Residents
    Proper tree maintenance and upkeep, including pruning and trimming, is part of responsible property ownership. These services also offer several benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone.

    Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning in Jenks:

    Beautify your property and land

    Enhance curb appeal

    Keep your trees happy and healthy

    Extend the lifespan of trees for future enjoyment

    Encourage healthy shape and growth

    Beautify your property and land

    Enhance curb appeal

    Keep your trees happy and healthy

    Extend the lifespan of trees for future enjoyment

    Encourage healthy shape and growth

    Tree Removal

    What Are The Signs You May Need To Remove Your Tree?

    Working in the tree business, we have a deep admiration and love for all things Mother Nature has to offer. While no one likes taking down trees, sometimes it’s the best option for your property.

    Even healthy-looking trees can present hidden dangers that lurk beneath the surface. Rotted cores, brittle branches, hidden disease, branch imbalances, improper growth, pests, and more can all equate to serious hazards.

    When a tree can’t be saved and/or when a customer has a concern about its location and use of space, tree removal may be the recommended course of action.

    Visible Indications Of Damage, Disease, Or Rot That May Be A Sign Your Tree Needs To Be Removed Include:

    • Fallen limbs
    • Brittle branches
    • Discolored or peeling bark
    • Spotted, discolored, or misshaped leaves
    • Loss of leaves during spring or summer
    • Poor crown formation
    • Cankers on bark
    • Visible root
    • Storm damage
    • Hollow limbs
    • Invasive pests

    Keep in mind that not all signs of damage or rot are visible. A certified arborist from our team can help uncover any hidden risks.

    photo collage of two arborists cutting large tree trunks

    Emergency Tree Services in Jenks, OK

    One of the most frequent calls we get is for emergency tree services. Fallen limbs or trees can be a nightmare for Jenks, OK residents. From blocking roadways, to taking down electric lines and causing extensive damage to property.

    Luckily, our team can be on site fast, quickly assessing the damage and offering affordable and reliable solutions that prevent future damage and get you back to life as usual before you know it.

    Next time an Oklahoma storm blows through and causes tree damage, give us a call. Our emergency response team is on call 7-days a week and ready to help day or night.

    A professional arborist from Trees by Jake inspects a fallen tree that damaged a fence made of galvanized iron sheets

    Stump Removal And Stump Grinding

    Unsightly and space-wasting, stumps are more than just a blemish on your otherwise immaculate landscape. Stumps can pose a risk of tripping and falling, are a favored spot for pests to nest in, are breeding grounds for dangerous mold and fungi, and reduce ‘usable’ space in your yard. Not to mention they are a pain to mow and trim around.

    Our team’s industry-leading equipment can safely and reliably remove stumps of all sizes, quickly removing the eyesore and giving you back additional space for outdoor activities.

    arborist performing stump grinding
    cabling a tree

    Tree Cabling And Bracing

    Stabilizing And Bracing Trees

    Trees don’t always grow into the picturesque shapes you see on magazine covers. Sometimes they need a little help to get there. From genetic variance, to storms, disease, pests, sunlight, and soil, there are a lot of factors that go into a tree’s final shape.

    Luckily, with a little help, our stabilizing and bracing services can aid in making sure your tree grows into an idyllic representation of its species, perfectly shaped from top to bottom.

    Bracing and specialized support cables can save otherwise doomed trees from needing removal later on. These measures offer support and stabilization of limbs, as well as encourage healthy growth and development.

    Annual Tree Inspection

    Routine tree inspections are an important aspect of being a responsible property owner. Annual tree inspections are crucial for keeping on top of your trees’ health, as well as identifying potential issues early when they can still be fixed. This often means the difference between saving a tree, or later having to pay for removal.

    Disease Diagnosis And Treatment

    Did you know that there are more than 12 million acres of forested land in Oklahoma? This thriving ecosystem of trees is also a haven for tree diseases and pests, many of which end up making their way onto the properties of home and business owners in Jenks and throughout the state.

    Common Pests and Diseases in OK Include:

    Bagworms and Webworms

    Japanese Beetles

    Anthracnose (leaf disease)

    Pecan Scab

    Common oak defoliators

    Oak canker

    Pine wilt

    Asian longhorn

    Emerald ash bore

    Sudden oak death

    And more…

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Tree Services In Jenks, Ok

    How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

    Some residents worry that tree removal is too expensive to pursue, yet failing to do so could be even costlier, damaging property or risking injury or death.

    At Trees by Jake we do our best to keep prices down, offering highly competitive rates that don’t break the bank or cut corners. That said, tree removal isn’t inherently ‘cheap’. Tree removal requires specialized training, expensive heavy equipment, and involves risk of life and limb (don’t worry, we’re fully insured).

    In Jenks, OK, the cost of tree removal often ranges between $425-$1300 depending on the location, size, and complexity of the job.

    How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

    Stump removal prices vary depending on where the stump is located, as well as the diameter. The cost for stump removal in Jenks ranges between $150-$300 on average, with prices as low as $80 in some cases.

    What is the Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Jenks, OK?

    Tree maintenance encompasses an assortment of valuable tree services, each of which are priced based on service type and scope of work necessary. Factors that can impact the price of a job include the number of trees, species of trees, and the amount of work required.

    Typically, the cost of tree maintenance averages between $300-$700.

    Client Reviews

    green five stars rating

    Absolutely the best! They had a small area to work with and valuable property all the way around them. Nonetheless, their technical skill combined with their state-of-the-art equipment was beyond comforting to watch. The man power behind the skill and equipment was just as impressive! No labor shortage here! I feel so smart for picking Trees By Jake. (My husband came in and saw all the equipment and teams working, and said, “This is so impressive. Where did you find this team!?”)

    angi bowman

    green five stars rating

    A large crew spent 2 fulls days at our property removing trees, trimming trees that were not removed, and installing multiple cables to help with stability. We were impressed every step of the way - from our initial contact with Allison in the office to completion. Jake is a certified arborist and came out and spent a good deal of time with us to discuss options. The estimate we received was professional and made it very easy to approve the work. Any questions we had were answered in a timely manner and we received an insurance certificate showing all of their policies. The men working were friendly and very professional. Our property looks amazing and we will continue to hire them for maintenance.

    Lisa Wishman

    green five stars rating

    Wow!! So impressed! From the quote to the time they left, it was totally impressed. Great value for the money. Their equipment is top notch. The techs were professional. I had 6 trees removed, all very close to the house. They made me feel safe as they knew what they were doing.

    Would definitely use again and highly recommend Trees by Jake.

    Jim Greenlee


    Arborist looking up at a tree in Jenks, OK

    Trimming a residential tree in Jenks, OK.

    Fleet of tree service trucks including bucket trucks, stump grinders, and dump trucks.

    TREES BY JAKE trucks headed out for emergency tree service in Jenks.

    A crew member in Jenks installing tree cabling on a residential property.

    Trucks of Trees by Jake used in tree services
    arborist climbing a tree with a harness to put cables on a tree

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