TREES BY JAKE is Tulsa’s premier tree trimming and tree pruning service located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa is a city located in the heart of Tornado Alley and no stranger to severe weather and storm damage. Regular tree maintenance is a must and choosing a professional and qualified tree service company is important. Properly maintained trees can increase curb appeal and add value to your property while neglected trees are more susceptible to severe weather and more likely to cause property damage.

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    Our ISA Certified Arborists can conduct an assessment and provide recommendations to promote health and safety so that the tree trimming process is a coordinated effort.  Our arborists will take the time to meet with you to discuss your wishes and goals regarding your trees to ensure client satisfaction.  Trimming is based largely on the wants and needs of the client and our Tulsa tree service offers trimming services in varying degrees.

    As ISA Certified Arborists, we do not recommend topping as an alternative to tree trimming.  Topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches without regard to the health of the tree leaving a trunk with unsightly stubs instead of limbs or stems.  Topping trees can lead to stress and decay and increase risk.

    Regular Tree Pruning and Maintenance

    Regular pruning of trees and shrubs and tree maintenance is an important part of property ownership.  Not only can proper pruning techniques help beautify the tree itself, but by opening up the canopy and providing more sunlight below, the landscape can also improve.

    Tree maintenance can also prevent hazards, such as broken and/or dead limbs that are prone to falling (usually onto property), interference with utilities, or possible roof damage.  Proper pruning techniques by ISA Certified Arborists can actually help train a tree to grow into a branch structure that encourages, rather than hinders, structural integrity.

    Our typical trimming package includes:

    • raising and thinning the canopy;
    • removal of dead limbs;
    • providing more clearance from the roof; and/or
    • reducing the weight on long, heavy limbs.

    However, each tree is different and the recommended service on each one will vary as will the time it takes to complete the service and the cost.


    Tree trimming can involve raising and balancing the canopy, thinning, shaping, removal of deadwood, and/or an overall canopy reduction.  Reasons to trim a tree include overgrown appearance, preventative care, clearance, removal of disease or decay, damage, providing more sunlight to lawn areas for grass to grow, and structural training of young trees.  When it comes to proper tree care, it is important to hire a qualified professional tree trimming service.  There is much more to it than just cutting a branch or limb and letting it fall.  Tree cutting requires expert experience and knowledge of proper cutting techniques and tools to prevent damage or injury to the tree itself, property, or people.  In some cases, improper trimming can kill a tree.  Our crew is properly trained and has worked on thousands of trees.

    TREES BY JAKE is fully equipped Tulsa tree service company that is able to handle tree trimming of any size.  We have a variety of bucket trucks to help access trees as well as highly-skilled climbers.

    While trimming, our crew takes steps to help minimize impact to surrounding property.  Once completed, the brush and debris are either hauled away with one of our grapple trucks.  Tree trimming can be messy, but the TREES BY JAKE crew will always leave your property in as good as condition, if not better, than when we arrived.

    Huge tree with large branches

    Our ISA Certfied Arborists can conduct an assessment and provide recommendations to promote health and safety so that the tree trimming process is a coordinated effort.


    To keep your trees healthy we recommend the following items for tree trimming aftercare:

    • Keep an eye on the tree for any changes in the leaves and branches including coloring.
    • Schedule regular/annual inspection by an ISA Certified Arborist.
    • Inspect your tree after storms. Anytime a tree has sustained storm damage we also recommend an ISA Certified Arborist inspection.
    • Regular tree care may include fertilizations depending upon the assessment of the arborist.
    • Other tree healthcare options and cabling may be needed if the arborist determines the tree is a good candidate.

    After your tree trimming, your arborist will discuss a tree care plan for your tree to help keep
    your trees healthy and last as long as possible.


    How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

    The price of tree trimming depends on various factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree, as well as the extent of the work completed. It is best to have one of our Certified Arborists come out and take a look to provide an estimate.

    How long does tree trimming take?

    The time it takes to trim a tree depends on a variety of factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree, as well as the crew size and equipment required.  Exactly how much work to be done is also a factor as some clients ask for more extensive trimming than others.  Trees that need to be climbed or are less accessible by equipment will typically take longer.

    Can you trim my tree even if a bucket truck cannot access it?

    Yes. If your tree cannot be accessed with a bucket truck, we will climb it. All of our climbers use professional tree climbing harnesses and arborist ropes and tools and are properly trained in how to trim a tree using the most up-to-date techniques.

    What will my yard look like after a tree is trimmed?

    The TREES BY JAKE crew will always leave your property in as good as condition, if not better, than when we arrived. We will take the proper precautions to help protect all landscaping and/or yards if needed with our ground protection specifically made for tree work and equipment.

    Can you top my tree?

    Topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches without regard to the health of the tree and leaves behind a trunk with unsightly stubs instead of limbs or stems. We follow all ISA guidelines and do not top trees as an alternative to tree trimming as it can actually lead to the stress and decay of the tree and increase risks. Often times, a proper trimming is all that is needed to help ensure the structure and safety of a tree. In some cases, we can also install a tree cable to help provide structural integrity.

    Does your price include hauling away all debris and cleanup?

    Yes. All of our estimates include haul away and cleanup unless otherwise requested. We are happy to provide a quote to cut and leave only as some clients do prefer to handle the cleanup themselves to save on cost.

    How often do I need my trees trimmed?

    We typically recommend trimming every 2-4 years.  Some clients that like the “cleaner” look have us back more often.  Others that want to maintain more of a natural look have us coming less often.

    When should tree trimming be done?

    Trimming CAN be done during the summer months.  Our crews trim all year.  As long as proper pruning techniques are used (ANSI A300 pruning standards), most trees can be trimmed any time of the year.  A large part of proper pruning is where and how the tree is cut - Certified Arborists know how/where certain cuts will impact the health (or could) of the tree and also have a keen eye for the aesthetics/are able to maintain the shape.  We also keep up-to-date on all new trimming tools and techniques which helps us provide better service.

    How do I know if my tree was trimmed properly?

    A lot of tree services will only raise the canopy and remove what dead limbs they can because they don’t know better, don’t have the skill, or don’t have the equipment.  We are able to trim the ENTIRE tree, including the end of branches/tips (which is the hardest part to reach) and that can be important in reducing weight to help resistance during storms and also really make the shape/appearance pop.

    Are there  regulations or tree trimming in the greater Tulsa area?

    There are no legal regulations for tree trimming in Tulsa, though some surrounding cities and counties may have regulations/permitting requirements.

    Our Tree Removal Reviews & Testimonials

    green five stars rating

    Friendly and very professional

    A large crew spent 2 fulls days at our property removing trees, trimming trees that were not removed, and installing multiple cables to help with stability. We were impressed every step of the way - from our initial contact with Allison in the office to completion. Jake is a certified arborist and came out and spent a good deal of time with us to discuss options. The estimate we received was professional and made it very easy to approve the work. Any questions we had were answered in a timely manner and we received an insurance certificate showing all of their policies. The men working were friendly and very professional. Our property looks amazing and we will continue to hire them for maintenance.

    Lisa Wishman

    green five stars rating

    The crew is courteous and cautious

    Trees by Jake has been our "go to" company for tree trimming and removal for many years. We first used Trees by Jake in the heavily treed Warrenton neighborhood when he used a "Ford-150, a trailer and a chainsaw". Throughout the years, we have used Jake's company at other homes and rental property. The crew is courteous and cautious. Clean up after the project was thorough and large, trimmed trees look great! Thanks again for another great job by Trees by Jake!

    Kara Folkins

    green five stars rating

    This company delivered as advertised

    Trees by Jake was able to safely trim a large tree in a confined area without being able to climb it. Other services said it could not be done without climbing. Jake personally went over the game plan with the crew before they started. The entire process from the first call with Allison to the completed job was very efficient. The crew of two men were skilled professionals. They also found a robin's nest in one of the cut branches and returned the branch to the tree crook and the birds found it. This company delivered as advertised.

    John Mason

    green five stars rating

    Jake did a truly great job!

    Jake and his terrific crew trimmed, pruned and shaped up two trees we thought were goners. The service was terrific, prompt, crew stayed on task until the job was done, crew was well mannered, no swearing, Jake did a truly great job. We shall be calling Trees by Jake again.

    M J Farr

    green five stars rating

    Great Service

    I had two small trees removed and one large tree trimmed. Jake’s bid came in WAY under the competition and they did a great job. The crew was friendly and cleaned up after themselves. My property looks so much better now. Thank you for the great service!

    Laura Wimer

    green five stars rating

    Affordable Cost

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company. Jake and Allison make a great team and the entire TBJ crew is hardworking and respectful. The entire process was easy and my trees are the best looking ones on the block! All work was done in a safe manner and the crew worked very well together. Each person had a job and took it seriously. The pricing was fantastic and all texts and emails were returned promptly. I have recommended Trees by Jake to several friends already and will be having them come back for more trimming in the fall. Thank you guys!

    Sheri Tuffield

    green five stars rating

    Jake and his crew are outstanding!

    Jake and his crew are outstanding! I was searching specifically for an arborist and came across Jake's website. I requested a bid online and my request was returned within minutes. Jake came out later that afternoon and provided a detailed estimate. He removed one large Pecan tree that was over the house and trimmed up the other trees in the yard. His entire crew was respectful of our yard while working and it looks absolutely fantastic. My entire experience was wonderful and Jake is such a nice young man!

    Misha Wellington

    green five stars rating

    Amazing service

    I can’t say enough good things about this company. They came when they said they would. They took out several trees and stumps and trimmed back some trees and cleaned up all of the mess. My yard looks beautiful. They are courteous and professional and reasonably priced. I love them so much I have already hired them to come back and do more. Thank you so much Trees By Jake!

    Debbie Hutson

    green five stars rating

    Fantastic Job

    We were notified by the city that 3 trees were too close to power lines and impeded on city sidewalk. Yes, the city agreed to "trim" them back but we all have seen the results of that. I called Trees by Jake and explained our situation. They did a wonderful job. The trees now meet city code but most importantly they are well shaped and balanced.

    Youth Services Tulsa

    green five stars rating

    Highly recommend!!!

    Jake and his team did a great job trimming our tree. Very professional and friendly. Took the time to answer all of our questions thoroughly. Would highly recommend!!!

    Kimberly Thomas

    green five stars rating

    Did a perfect job!

    I had my yard full of trees trimmed today. The experience was painless. Guys did a perfect job and cleaned up all the mess. Definitely would recommend.

    Tracy Gaston

    green five stars rating

    I will use their services again!

    They came out today while I was at work a trimmed our giant magnolia tree. It was a mess and they made it look great again! They also cleaned up the limbs and leaves. I will use their services again!

    Kyle Malone

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