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    Tree Service and Certified Arborist | Owasso, OK

    Trees are an idyllic and important aspect of any property. They offer a wide range of benefits, from shading and cooling, to preventing erosion and blocking wind.

    But even the most beautiful of trees can become damaged or diseased, requiring inspection by a certified arborist who can assess the tree’s health and offer advice on support or removal.

    Keeping the safety of your property and residents or guests in mind, our arborists will perform a thorough assessment of the tree and when required, work with the team to ensure a safe and efficient takedown and removal.

    Owasso, Ok Tree Service

    Owasso, Oklahoma Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

    Have the trees on your property become overgrown or unshapely? Do you notice growth is uneven, or visually unattractive? Or perhaps limbs that once were well out of reach have now started to invade spaces where they don’t belong.

    Trees are a valuable addition to any residential or commercial property, offering a wide range of benefits. But without proper maintenance, and left to their own devices, trees can become quite unruly at times.

    Unkept tree limbs can pose a danger to the tree’s health, as well as your property increasing the risk of fallen limbs, invasion of pests, and more.

    At Trees By Jake, we offer a wide range of services, including tree trimming and tree pruning to enhance the beauty, form, function, and health of your trees.

    Our expert arborists work with our pruners to ensure optimal growth and ideal shaping that will support a longer lifespan and offer the most benefits to home and business owners alike.

    Owasso Tree Services

    TREES BY JAKE offers industry-leading, high-value tree services for both residential and commercial customers.

    We focus on delivering value and results at an affordable and fair price point, with the added benefit of having a certified arborist on staff to ensure your trees are treated with the utmost care.

    Our Services Include:

    Owasso Arborist - Tree Surgeon

    Don’t trust your trees to just anyone. Work with a team who has certified arborists on staff, each highly trained and experienced working with virtually every species throughout Owasso, OK.

    Our arborists offer species-specific advice and insight, helping us come up with affordable and results-focused solutions for any issue your trees might be facing. From damage and improper growth, to pests and disease, your trees are always in good hands.

    Owasso, Ok Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

    Each year brings with it a new growth cycle for trees throughout Owasso and surrounding areas. It is during these times when property owners can hire us to help them safely and reliably shape and maintain the trees on their property. Pruning and trimming is a great way to ensure optimal tree health, improving airflow, light distribution, and proper shape, all while encouraging healthy growth.

    Fall and spring are often the best times to consider trimming and pruning services, with colder temperatures and a slower stage of growth reducing any stress placed on the tree from trimming.

    The Importance of Tree Trimming and Maintenance for Owasso Residents

    Tree pruning and trimming is an important part of property maintenance, and is a valuable service that offers many benefits.

    Tree Pruning and Maintenance Benefits:

    Enhance aesthetics and beautify your landscape

    Ensure your trees are healthy

    Extend the lifespan of your trees

    Improve weight distribution of limbs to reduce the risk of damage and encourage proper growth

    Help prevent damage from high winds and storms

    Aid in improving airflow and light distribution

    Prevent disease and pests

    Reduce the risk of falling limbs and damage to property

    Tree Removal

    Warning Signs That Your Tree May Require Removal

    Considering tree removal should be a last resort in most cases, but sometimes there is no avoiding it.

    Even trees that appear outwardly healthy could be hiding core rot and posing a serious risk to life and limb, with some types of disease and damage working its way from the inside out.



    • Regular occurrence of fallen branches
    • Bark that is peeing, rotted, covered in moss or algae, or discolored
    • Excessive leaves on the ground during the spring or summer months
    • Leaves that are spotted, discolored, or misshapen
    • Dead or decaying branches
    • Pest infestation
    • Cankers on the bark
    • Storm damage
    • Visible root damage or uprooted root system
    • Hollow branches
    • And more…
    A double inlayed image that shows a man in a firestry bucket cutting down a large tree, the other image is of a man using a chainsaw to cut a tree into smaller pieces.

    Emergency Tree Services in Owasso

    Have an emergency? Our emergency tree services are available day or night, rain or shine. We know that tree emergencies often strike when least expected, putting your property and home/business at risk.

    Let our emergency response team quickly, efficiently, and safely handle downed trees, dropped limbs, and more. From natural disasters to harsh storms, we’re always up to the task and eager to help.

    A man surveying a fallen tree at a home blocking the driveway.

    Owasso Stump Removal and Grinding

    Is your property littered with unsightly stumps from fallen or removed trees? Stumps take away from the natural beauty of your landscape, not to mention posing certain risks that you’ll want to avoid.

    Stumps increase liability related to tripping and falling, are a favorite haven for invasive pests, and are an ideal place for dangerous mold and fungi to grow. Not to mention they’re an annoyance to have to mow and weed around.

    Arborist cutting a huge tree trunk on the ground
    cabling a tree

    Owasso, OK Tree Cabling And Bracing

    Stabilizing And Bracing Trees

    Some trees grow into a perfect representation of its species, while others end up mishappen. Many factors play a role in a tree’s proper formation. Storm damage, environment, disease, pests, and genetics can all affect a tree’s formation.

    Luckily, early intervention with support cables and bracing can be used to help trees along. Bracing and cabling can aid in reducing limb stress, and shaping your tree into a perfectly formed version of its species.

    Annual Tree Inspection

    Annual tree inspections are an important aspect of tree maintenance. Routine inspections carried out by certified arborists can help to identify small issues with your trees before they turn into costly or damaging disasters.

    For example, an arborist can identify limb imbalances, root system disturbances, disease, pest infestations, storm damage, and assess the overall health of the tree with each growth cycle.

    When issues present, property owners will have more time to budget for and correct small problems before they get out of hand. Our arborists will work with you to find affordable and effective solutions, giving you advice and education on how to make sure your tree lives a happy healthy life.

    Disease Diagnosis And Treatment

    The state of Oklahoma is home to over 180 species of trees, spanning some 12 million acres of forested land.

    While most trees thrive in Oklahoma’s climate, so do pests that target these trees as their preferred home, and the diseases that run rampant across the state.

    Common Tree Pests and Diseases in the State Include:

    Anthracnose (leaf disease)

    Common oak defoliators

    Japanese Beetles

    Pecan Scab

    Bagworms and Webworms

    Pine wilt

    Oak canker

    Asian longhorn beetle

    Emerald ash bore

    Sudden oak death

    And more…

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Tree Services In Owasso, Ok

    How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

    Many Owasso residents put off tree removal, risking serious damage to property, or worse, injury or death in the event of falling limbs.

    At Trees By Jake, we understand that times are tight. That’s why we have always worked hard to create efficient and safe tree removal processes that reduce costs, allowing us to charge a fair price for our services.

    However, tree removal is a dangerous job, requiring special equipment and skills to carry out safely.

    In Owasso, OK and surrounding areas, the average cost for removing a tree ranges up to $860+ with the average somewhere between $430-$1250. Aspects affecting the price include the complexity of the job, location of the tree in proximity to structures, and size.

    How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

    Stump removal prices generally vary between $150-$300 per stump, with prices as low as $75 and as high as $400 in some cases. Generally speaking, the price for stump removal is based on the location of the stump, and its diameter.

    What is the Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Owasso, OK?

    Tree maintenance can include several distinct types of services, each with various price points. The biggest factor impacting cost includes the health of the tree(s), number of trees, size of the trees, location, and species. Routine maintenance (annual) can help to reduce costs, requiring less work yearly.

    On average, prices charged by tree services throughout the area range between $300-$700.

    Client Reviews

    green five stars rating

    We have used Jake Tree Service several times for various projects and have been very impressed with their professionalism and quality of their work each time. We had a very large tree branch blown down after the last storm, blocking our gate. Jake's crew was out the next day to remove it. Thank you, Jake! Your are the best.

    Thomas McCoy

    green five stars rating

    We used Trees by Jake to raise the canopy of some very overgrown trees that hung over our fence. The results were even better than we expected!

    Melissa George

    green five stars rating

    I had a large limb fall on my house. The job was more than I could tackle my self. I knew I needed an expert. I called Trees by Jake and they got me taken care of. Great service, cleaned up after the job. Simply great. I highly recommend them. I will be sure to use them again. The price was very reasonable considering the work that had to be done.

    John Scatamacchia

    Our Tree Projects In Owasso, Ok

    Two men removing tree debree while grinding a large stump out of the ground.

    Grinding a stump from a large tree removal in Owasso.

    Using a large bucket truck to trim a tall residential tree in Owasso.

    In Owasso removing a large dead tree for a commercial business.

    TREES BY JAKE crew in front of a home in Owasso after a tree removal.

    An arborist standing with a chainsaw after finishing a large tree job in Owasso.
    five male arborists standing in front of a piece of large tree trunk

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