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TREES BY JAKE is always available for emergency tree services.  Oklahoma weather has been known to wreak havoc on trees.  Heavy rain, wind, and ice can cause extensive damage to trees and can result in entire trees snapping over or being large tree blown over by storm windsuprooted, broken branches and stems, and hanging limbs that can pose a risk.

Tree emergencies present hazardous situations and if not handled correctly, may result in even further damage to property or personal injury.  It is a common misconception that because a tree is already down, it no longer presents a danger.  In fact, in the aftermath of a storm, trees are often more dangerous as they may be tangled with other trees or electrical lines or may have fallen onto or through the property.

It takes a skilled tree crew to safely respond to these situations. Over the years, Jake and the crew have responded to multiple ice and wind storms and are fully trained and knowledgeable in the removal of damaged trees from property.  Our equipment allows us to respond to emergency tree situations quickly and efficiently.  Typically, storm damage leaves behind a large amount of debris.  With our equipment, we are able to load, chip, and haul away in no time.

Unfortunately, after a natural disaster, there are tree services that attempt to take advantage of the situation left behind by Mother Nature.  When looking for a tree service to respond to an emergency situation, it is important to use a local tree service with an established smaller tree blown over by storm windsreputation that you can trust.  At TREES BY JAKE, the client’s trust is highly valued. Our prices remain the same regardless of whether we are responding to an emergency.  We are fully insured for both liability and workers’ compensation and we will be happy to provide a Certificate upon request.

Though dealing with a tree that has come crashing down onto your property can be extremely stressful, the crew at TREES BY JAKE will be able to take care of it safely and quickly at an affordable rate. After severe weather, it is important to inspect your trees for any damage.  As an ISA Certified Arborist, Jake knows what to look for and can identify any potential issues that may affect the health or safety of a tree.  Jake can discuss a preventative tree maintenance plan that may include tree trimming or tree cabling/bracing to help prevent damage from future storms.

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At TREES BY JAKE, the client’s trust is highly valued.  Our prices remain the same regardless of whether we are responding to an emergency.


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