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After a tree is removed, the stump that is left can be unsightly.  Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump by using a machine with a rotating cutting disc that chips the wood away.

In order for the stump to be ground, the tree with large root systemstump must be cleanly flushed.  Stump grinding is always optional but is often recommended.  Eventually, if the stump is not ground out, it can decay and create a hole in the ground that can present a danger.  In addition, stump grinding can improve the appearance of a yard or landscaping once a tree is removed.

Stumps are typically ground approximately 6-10 inches below ground.  Many clients are surprised by the pile of wood chips that is leftover after a stump is ground.  However, once a stump is ground, we can haul away the stump chips using our Ditch Witch, a mini loader, or we can smooth out the chips evenly.  We can even transport the chips to a garden to be used for mulch if requested.  If a tree was removed due to disease, we do not recommend using the chips for mulch as the disease can spread. Tree stump ready to be ground

The cost of stump grinding depends on a variety of factors, including the size and location of the stump and the extent of the work done.  Some trees have a lot of exposed surface roots that can also affect the cost. If our grinder cannot get to the stump (usually due to access or complex landscaping) or the client does not want to grind the stump, we can treat the stump with a product to prevent regrowth.  We can also leave the trunk a few feet high if requested so that the leftover trunk may be used for decoration or incorporated into landscaping.

We are happy to complete stump grinding on trees that have been previously removed.

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Stump grinding can help improve the appearance of a yard or landscaping once a tree is removed.


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