After a tree is removed, the stump that is left can be unsightly. Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump and its roots by using a machine with a rotating cutting disc that chips the wood away.

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    A tree arborist grinds a tree stump by hand to make it even for the final grinding.


    In order for the stump to be ground, the stump must be cleanly flushed.  Stump grinding is always optional, but is often recommended.  Eventually, if the stump is not ground out, it can decay and create a hole in the ground that can present a danger.  In addition, stump grinding and stump removal can improve the appearance of a yard or landscaping once a tree is removed.

    During stump removal stumps are typically ground approximately 6-10 inches below ground.  Many TREES BY JAKE clients are surprised by the pile of wood chips that is leftover after a stump is ground.  However, once a stump is ground, we can smooth out the chips evenly or haul them away.  We can even transport the chips to a garden to be used for mulch if requested.  If a tree was removed due to disease, we do not recommend using the chips for mulch as the disease can spread.

    The cost of stump removal depends on a variety of factors, including the size and location of the stump and the extent of the work done.  Trees with larger stumps and exposed surface roots will typically be more expensive.  If our grinders cannot get to the stump (usually due to access or complex landscaping) or the client does not want to grind the stump, we can treat the stump with a product to prevent regrowth.  We can also leave the trunk a few feet high if requested so that the leftover trunk may be used for decoration or incorporated into landscaping.

    We are happy to complete stump grinding on trees after we perform tree removal, or on trees that have been previously removed.

    A man operates a stump grinding machine to grind an old tree stump below the ground surface.

    Stump grinding can improve the appearance of a yard or landscaping once a tree is removed.


    How much do stump grinding and stump removal services cost?

    The cost of stump grinding depends on a variety of factors, including the size, location, whether there are exposed surface roots, and the extent of the work completed.  It is best to have Jake, a Tulsa ISA Certified take a look and provide an estimate.

    Will stump removal and/or stump grinding completely remove the stump and/or roots?

    Yes.  Stump grinding completely removes what is left behind after a tree is removed by turning the stump and roots into mulch.

    How deep do you grind?

    Typically, we grind 6-10 inches below ground depending on the tree and the location.  In some cases, we may not be able to go as deep.

    Should I have my lines marked?

    If you think you have underground utilities near a stump that will be ground it is a good idea to request to have the lines marked.  We are happy to assist you in requesting to have the lines marked if needed.

    What does stump removal and grinding look like when it's completed?

    Stump grinding leaves behind a pile of wood chips.  Larger trees or trees with a lot of exposed surface roots leave behind a bigger pile.  We can either smooth the pile out flat or haul the chips for an additional fee.


    Our Tree Removal Reviews

    green five stars rating

    Highly recommend this company

    We used Trees By Jake and they were phenomenal. They removed a tree stump and used their automated remote controlled stump grinder to finish the job. Their clean-up after the job was great as well. Their prices are very fair too. I would highly highly recommend this company.

    Paul Karler

    green five stars rating

    Quick to Respond

    We were closing on our home on 3/252022 and needed a huge Monster 4 trunk tree taken-out that was threatening our house, and the Neighbor's house with tree branches, and roots and possibly toppling over. We called Trees by Jake on the 3/23/2022 they gave us a very reasonable quote, and they squeezer us in on short notice, they showed up with equipment equivalent to an army going to battle, they were super efficient, professional, precise, safe and took out my monster of a tree like it was a twig. They Grinned down the stump so well you can't even see where it was located. When they were finished they cleaned everything up disposed of it, hauled everything away from my property, they left my property in better shape than it was before they arrived. These guys are awesome. Trees by Jake needs more than just a simple reviews they need a news crew to go out an interview this company. I'm recommending EVERYONE I can to Trees By Jake. These guys are BAD A#%

    top tech

    green five stars rating

    Excellent job

    Excellent job. Professional, work done as agreed, and no issues. They even included the surrounding surface roots when grinding the stump which will definitely make mowing easier. Their cleanup after tree removal and stump grinding was outstanding.

    Burdella Bacon

    green five stars rating

    Very professional

    Jake and his crew were so great. They came and took down a massive pecan tree, stump grinding and all, and trimmed up two of our other trees. He did all of it in two days. We just watch in amazement. He's a true professional and all of his guys are hard workers. They took care of our yard and cleaned up well. Very grateful for them and the work they did.

    Andrew Perusi

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