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Unfortunately, sometimes a tree will need to be removed due to disease, location, or damage.  Trees that are structurally unsound and weak can pose a safety hazard and easily become completely uprooted or split in half from wind or topple over if the ground is soaked from rain and result in serious damage.  Tree removal can present a challenge and is a highly technical task that requires trained and qualified professionals.  Often times, trees that need to be removed are next to or directly over a home or other property and it takes knowledge and skill to properly and safely bring it down.  Jake cutting a tree

TREES BY JAKE is fully equipped to handle tree removals of any size, though we specialize in climbing complex and large trees.  If our bucket truck cannot reach a tree, Jake and our crew will climb it.  Jake is one of Tulsa’s top tree climbers and can skillfully remove trees that others cannot.  His climbing skills have earned him the nickname “The Tree Monster.”  Jake has over a decade of experience in tree removal services and uses different rigging, zip-lining, and felling techniques to safely and successfully remove a tree.  In some cases, we will use a crane, though most trees can be removed without one.

person standing over a cut treeDuring a removal, our crew takes steps to ensure that no damage is done to surrounding property.  Once the tree is down, the brush and logs are either chipped using our Bandit chipper or hauled away with our grapple truck.  Tree removal can be messy, but the TREES BY JAKE crew will always leave your property in as good as condition, if not better, than when we arrived.  We can also take care of grinding the stump and hauling away the stump chips that are left behind.

The price of tree removal in Tulsa depends on a variety of factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree and the extent of the work completed.

As an ISA Certified Arborist, Jake does not recommend topping as an alternative to tree removal.  Topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches without regard to the health of the tree, leaving a trunk with unsightly stubs instead of limbs or stems.  Topping trees can lead to stress and decay and increase risks.

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ISA Certified Arborist

  Jake has over a decade of experience in tree removal and uses different rigging, zip-lining, and felling techniques to safely and successfully remove a tree.


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