TREES BY JAKE is a Tulsa tree removal service.  We are large tree removal experts and specialize in complex and large tree removal, though we will remove trees of any size.  Tree removal can present a challenge and is a highly technical task that requires trained and qualified professionals.  Often times, tree removal involves trees that are next to or directly over a home or other property and it takes knowledge and skill as well as the right equipment and tools to properly and safely bring them down.

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    Trees by Jake crew doing tree removal


    Unfortunately, sometimes a tree will need to be removed due to disease, location, or damage.  Trees that are structurally unsound and weak can pose a safety hazard and easily become completely uprooted or split in half from wind or topple over if the ground is soaked from rain and result in serious damage. Our tree removal company can remove both existing and fallen trees.

    TREES BY JAKE has the proper tools and state of the art equipment to properly and safely handle any size tree removal in an efficient manner.  Our extensive range of professional equipment includes:

    • Grapple trucks capable of lifting logs up to 8,500 pounds.
    • Bucket trucks with a reach of up to 75 feet.
    • Ditch Witch mini skid steers with a lifting capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.
    • A Bandit wood chipper capable of taking logs up to 18 inches in diameter.
    • Vermeer stump grinders.
    • Multiple tool trucks and trailers.

    During a removal, our Tulsa tree removal crew takes steps to ensure that no damage is done to surrounding property, including utilizing mats specifically designed for tree work and tree equipment to minimize impact on lawns and landscaping.  Once the tree is down, the brush and logs are either hauled away with one of our grapple trucks or chipped using our Bandit wood chipper.  Tree removal can be messy, but the TREES BY JAKE crew will always leave your property in as good as condition, if not better, than when we arrived.  After a tree removal, we can also take care of grinding the stump and hauling away the stump chips that are left behind.

    Safety is a priority when removing trees.  All of our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained and we adhere to all applicable industry standards, including those set by Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  Our entire crew also takes place in regular safety meetings.  We are also fully insured for both liability and workers’ compensation and will be happy to provide a Certificate upon request.

    Tree Removing Process


    When it comes to DIY projects around the house, tree removal, especially large tree removal, is one that should be left to the experts.  Unfortunately, there are many stories each year of homeowners being injured or killed attempting to remove a large tree on their own.  Large tree removals require a very specific set of skills, precision, and knowledge to bring them safely to the ground.


    Large tree removals require a high level of expertise, experience, and knowledge and not every tree service is actually qualified or capable of removing large trees.  Tree removal is actually very complicated and technical and homeowners should look for a tree service with an ISA Certified Arborist as well as a TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional to ensure that proper techniques and safety procedures are used. Knowledge of proper rigging, zip lining, and felling techniques is required.  Homeowners should also look for a tree service that works strictly on trees rather than hiring a company that offers tree services as one of its multiple services.  Tree services trim and remove trees day in and day out and are experts.  Trees that are located near or over homes or other property or trees with codominant (multiple) stems can be particularly challenging due to obstacles involved in bringing them to the ground.

    Trees by Jake with Tree Removing Process


    Hiring a professional and qualified tree service ensures that the job is done safely.  Professional tree crews know how and where to cut, how to rig the limbs down without causing damage or injury and know how to properly use the tools and equipment required to get the job done.  Nearby hazards, such as a home, fence, or electrical line can create an obstacle and a professional tree service will know how to work around it safely.


    When hiring a tree service, homeowners should always ask for proof of insurance, both liability and workers’ compensation.  Liability insurance provides coverage in the event of property damage and workers’ compensation insurance covers medical and rehabilitation costs and wage replacement of employees if they’re injured on the job.  A tree service is NOT fully insured unless it carries BOTH liability and workers’ compensation.  A Certificate of Insurance should come from an insurance agent to ensure that the policies are current.

    Trees by Jake Machinery


    Removing a large tree can result in quite a mess and there is a lot of brush, large logs, and debris left behind.  A tree service that is qualified to remove large trees will have the proper equipment to haul everything away and clean up properly.  Such specialized equipment can include a bucket truck to help provide access to the tree, a grapple truck to lift and haul large logs, a chipper to chip brush and other debris, and a mini skid steer to help move and load brush and logs.

    Some trees, like extremely large trees with limited access or a little to no drop zone, may require a crane to safely remove.  If a tree does require a crane, it is extremely important that the tree service has experience rigging with a crane.


    The cost of tree removal depends on a variety of factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree and the extent of the work completed.  Homeowners should expect to pay more for trees that are larger in size, are in declining health, or are difficult to access.  It is best to contact a tree service that specializes in large tree removal for an estimate.

    Our crew doing some tree work
    an image of a broken tree


    If you are needing a large tree removed in Tulsa, contact TREES BY JAKE at 918-500-9955.  We specialize in removing large and complex trees and we are fully equipped to haul away and clean up the mess that is left behind after a large removal.  Our equipment includes bucket trucks, grapple trucks, a Bandit wood chipper, Ditch Witch mini skid steers, and Vermeer stump grinders.  Jake is a Tulsa ISA Certified Arborist as well as a TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional and is one of Tulsa’s top tree climbers.  He has over a decade of experience in Tulsa tree removal, including crane-assisted removals.  Contact us for your free estimate today and don’t forget to check us out on social media on FacebookInstagramTwitter!


    Unfortunately, there are times when a tree will need to be removed.  Obvious reasons to remove a tree include declining health, damage, or location.  If a tree is dead, dying, rotting, or diseased, it should be removed.  Removing a dead or dying tree is advisable as soon as you notice it as the longer you wait, the more dangerous it may become.

    If a tree is damaged from a storm or construction, it may need to be removed depending on the extent and type of damage.  A Certified Arborist will be able to determine whether restorative pruning or removal is the best option.

    an image of a broken tree
    an image of a broken tree


    While a diseased tree may not be as obvious as a dead or dying tree, signs of a diseased tree may include:

    1. Yellow or discolored leaves that lack veins;
    2. Falling branches; and/or
    3. Rot on the trunk, branches, or roots.

    Disease undermines the structural integrity of the tree making it more likely to cause damage.  A tree that is infected with pests or insects and cannot be treated will also likely need to be removed.


    Structure preservation is something to consider when it comes to deciding whether to remove a tree.  Unfortunately, many trees are removed because the wrong tree was planted in the wrong place.  If a tree is too close to a home or other property and the tree is in constant contact with the property, rot may result to the structure itself.  Trees with invasive roots can also cause problems by threatening foundations, driveways, or plumbing pipes and can result in thousands of dollars in damage.  Safety should also be considered when it comes to tree removal.  Trees that are too close to power lines or leaning toward property may also need to be removed, though it may be possible to prune the tree back to help ensure structural integrity and safety.  Other reasons to remove a tree include structural issues such as interior decay, a weak crotch, cracks in the trunk or large stems, and exposed or lifted roots.

    If you think you have a tree that may need to be removed, an assessment by a Certified Arborist can determine whether pruning or removal is the best option.

    an image of a broken tree

    Our extensive range of professional equipment allows us to handle any size tree removal in an efficient manner.


    How much does tree removal cost?

    The price of tree removal depends on various factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree, as well as the extent of the work completed.  It is best to have Jake, a Tulsa Certified Arborist take a look and provide an estimate.

    How long does tree removal take?

    The time it takes to remove a tree depends on a variety of factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree, as well as the crew size and equipment required.  Trees that need to be climbed or are less accessible by equipment will typically take longer.

    Can you remove my tree even if a bucket truck cannot access it?

    Yes.  If your tree cannot be accessed with a bucket truck Jake and our crew will climb it.  All of our climbers use professional tree climbing harnesses and arborist ropes and tools and are properly trained in how to remove a tree using the most up-to-date techniques.

    What will my yard look like after a tree is removed?

    The TREES BY JAKE crew will always leave your property in as good as condition, if not better, than when we arrived.  We will take the proper precautions to protect all landscaping and/or yards if needed.

    Can you top my tree?

    Topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches without regard to the health of the tree leaving behind a trunk with unsightly stubs instead of limbs or stems.  We follow all ISA guidelines and do not top trees as an alternative to tree removal as it can actually lead to the stress and decay of the tree and increase risks.  Often times, a proper trimming is all that is needed to help ensure the structure and safety of a tree.  In some cases, we can also install a tree cable to help provide structural integrity.

    Does your price include hauling away all debris and cleanup?

    Yes.  All of our estimates include haul away and cleanup unless otherwise requested.  We are happy to provide a quote to cut and leave only as some clients do prefer to handle the cleanup themselves to save on cost.

    Wow!! So impressed!

    Wow!! So impressed! From the quote to the time they left, it was totally impressed. Great value for the money. Their equipment is top notch. The techs were professional. I had 6 trees removed, all very close to the house. They made me feel safe as they knew what they were doing....

    Jim Greenlee
    I highly recommend them.

    Trees by Jake did a great job taking out a HUGE, dying tree from my backyard. I was impressed by their talent and teamwork throughout the project. They demonstrated high standards in their safety protocol and equipment, and they had the job done in 1 day. I highly recommend them.

    Rachel SFY


    If our bucket trucks cannot reach a tree, Jake and our crew will climb it.  Jake is one of Tulsa’s top tree climbers and can skillfully remove trees that others cannot.  In fact, Jake’s tree climbing abilities have earned him the nickname Tree Monster.  He has over a decade of experience removing trees and uses different rigging, zip-lining, and felling techniques to safely and successfully remove a tree.  He is constantly learning and implementing the most up-to-date and advanced climbing techniques to provide efficient and affordable tree removal services.  In some cases, we will use a crane to remove a tree, though most trees can be removed without one.  Our crew is comprised of highly-trained tree professionals and no job is too big.

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