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Sometimes a tree will need extra support to help ensure its health and safety.  Tree cabling is the installation of flexible cables to reduce damage from stress and can help promote structural integrity.  Cable installation is a tedious process tree cabling systems connected togetherthat takes precision and skill.  As an ISA Certified Arborist, Jake’s goal is to help strengthen trees to improve longevity and safety.  He is knowledgeable regarding the correct hardware to use and how that hardware will interact with the tree itself.

Cabling may be recommended for trees with large canopies, trees with co-dominant stems, and trees prone to vertical splitting and can be an alternative to the removal of large stems.  Typically, these types of trees are susceptible to having a weak spot at the union of multiple large stems or trunks.  As each stem or trunk competes for canopy space, the tree grows away from the middle creating a weak spot resulting in uneven weight distribution.  Installing a cable can provide support between 2 or more stems or trunks and when done correctly, may prolong the life of a tree by redistributing structural stress.

As an ISA Certified Arborist, Jake will never install a cable by wrapping it around a stem or trunk.  If a cable is wrapped around a stem or trunk, eventually, the tree will grow over the cable creating an additional weak spot tree branches connected together with cablesundermining the entire purpose of the cable.

Bracing provides for the alignment or realignment of a tree (usually a young tree).  When this process is done improperly, it can cause long-term damage such as susceptibility to structural weakness.  Jake knows how to brace a tree to provide proper protection and encourage growth and strong structure.

TREES BY JAKE will provide all necessary hardware to cable or brace a tree.  All cabling hardware that we use is galvanized and weather-resistant; however, annual inspection is recommended to ensure proper support.

The cost of cabling or bracing depends on a variety of factors, including the size and location of the tree and the extent of work done.

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TREES BY JAKE will provide all necessary hardware to cable or brace a tree.  All cabling hardware that we use is galvanized and weather-resistant.


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