Tree maintenance is important.  It’s even more important when you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma: a city located in the heart of Tornado Alley and no stranger to severe weather.  In Tulsa, high winds, heavy rain, ice, and tornadoes are constant threats.  Properly maintained trees can increase curb appeal and add value to your property.  At the same time, trees that are not properly maintained or neglected are more susceptible to severe weather and more likely to cause property damage.

To ensure structural integrity and safety, you should have your trees inspected annually by an ISA Certified Arborist.  A Certified Arborist possesses a high degree of knowledge about caring for and maintaining trees.  A Certified Arborist is trained to detect structural issues and can easily identify factors that may contribute to susceptibility, including broken or cracked limbs and/or stems, diseases, fungus growth, damage from construction, insects, or weather, improper pruning, decay or rot, planting mistakes, and early leaf drop, among other things. Trees that are structurally unsound and weak pose a safety hazard and can easily become completely uprooted or split in half from wind or topple over if the ground is soaked from rain and result in serious damage.

tree has a fungus growth

This tree has a fungus growth that is undermining the structural integrity of the tree.

Trimming a tree is a lot like a haircut - you lose some hair initially, but your hair instantly looks better and is stronger and healthier.  When you trim a tree, you cut some of the branches or limbs off, but you reduce the chance that the tree will break or become weak in the future.  Branches or limbs that are cut do not grow back.  Instead, when a tree is trimmed properly, the tree heals itself and grows what looks like a callous over the cut to help provide protection from decay, infection, and water damage.  Regular trimming can help ensure that a tree stays in a safe condition, receiving enough sunlight to grow and maintaining a well-balanced canopy that lets air flow through, and preserves their beauty as well.  Trimming is a must if you want a large, healthy tree.

You should never top a tree.  Topping is when the top of a tree is cut off reducing the tree to branches and ugly stumps. A topped tree results in an unnatural appearance and is susceptible to decay, insects, and diseases because the food source (leaves) has been removed and the tree is forced to quickly regrow.  A Certified Arborist can properly trim a tree without topping it and achieve the same result (for example, cutting back limbs from a house or power lines).

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), which sets the standards for the tree industry, including pruning standards, strongly advises against topping and all tree services should abide by this standard.

Regular tree maintenance is also important when it comes to insurance claims.  Most homeowners policies will not provide coverage for a fallen tree if the homeowner was negligent in maintaining the tree.

Trimming a tree is both an art and a science and should only be done by a Certified Arborist.  Jake at TREES BY JAKE is an ISA Certified Arborist (MW-5864A) and is available for tree maintenance inspections.  In addition, TREES BY JAKE can help maintain your trees with our tree removaltree trimming, or cabling/bracing services.  In the event severe weather results in tree damage, we also provide emergency tree services.  TREES BY JAKE abides by all industry standards, including those set by ISA and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

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Oak tree with red leaves

This Oak was trimmed by Jake, an ISA Certified Arborist, according to industry standards.

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