TREES BY JAKE is a tree cutting service in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Tree work can be dangerous and tree cutting on a tree of any size is a highly technical task that requires trained and qualified professionals.

An arborist in harness cutting down an elm tree

Jake, a Tulsa ISA Certified Arborist, rigging down an elm using proper cutting techniques.


When it comes to proper tree care, there is more to it than meets the eye.  There is much more to it than just cutting a branch or limb and letting it fall.  Rather, tree work requires expert experience and knowledge of proper cutting tools and techniques to prevent damage or injury to the tree itself, property, or a worker.  It is extremely important to hire a professional tree service crew that is trained in the proper steps and techniques to maintain safety and prevent damage.  The TREES BY JAKE crew is led by Jake, a Tulsa Certified Arborist with over a decade of experience in Tulsa tree cutting services.  We adhere to all industry standards, including those set by Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


TREES BY JAKE is fully equipped to handle tree cutting on trees of any size, though we specialize in large and complex trees.  Our equipment includes an International bucket truck, a grapple truck, a Bandit wood chipper, a Ditch Witch mini skid steer, and a Vermeer stump grinder, among other pieces of equipment.  Our extensive equipment means that we can cut, trim, and or/remove trees and clean up all debris and logs efficiently and safely.

Grapple truck picking up a large pecan tree trunk from the grassland

Our grapple truck is loading and hauling away a large pecan that the TBJ safely removed.

mini skid steer and stump grinding machines

Our Ditch Witch mini skid steer and our Vermeer stump grinding help us complete tree work efficiently.


In Oklahoma, every tree service should have at least both liability and workers’ compensation.  Liability insurance protects a homeowner if property damage were to occur and workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs and wage replacement of employees if they’re injured on the job.  A business is NOT fully insured unless it carries BOTH liability and workers’ compensation coverage.  TREES BY JAKE carries a $2 million liability insurance policy, workers’ compensation coverage as required by state law, and a commercial auto policy that covers all of our equipment and vehicles.  Tree work is dangerous work and a tree service that invests in and maintains proper insurance values its employees and customers by making safety a priority.  A Certificate of Insurance should always come directly from the agent to verify that the coverage is in effect.


The cost of Tulsa tree cutting services varies and depends on a variety of factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree and the extent of the work performed.  It is best to contact Jake, a Tulsa Certified Arborist, for an estimate.


Contact TREES BY JAKE today for all your Tulsa tree cutting needs.  We are experienced, fully equipped, and fully insured with over a decade of experience in Tulsa tree cutting.  Call or text us today at 918-500-9955 and don’t forget to check us out on FacebookInstagramTwitter!

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TREES BY JAKE has been providing tree removal services in Tulsa for over a decade. Jake is a Tulsa Certified Arborist and we have a variety of equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees. Call or text us today for your free estimate at 918-500-9955 and don’t forget to check us out on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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