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    The state of Oklahoma is home to a diverse ecosystem of trees, providing residents with a multitude of benefits ranging from reduced soil erosion, to cooling shade and purified air.

    However, trees can quickly go from being an attractive aspect to your property, to a dangerous liability if they aren't cared for properly. Left unmaintained, trees can pose a risk to people and property.

    Trees By Jake provides a range of comprehensive tree services to improve the aesthetics, health, and longevity of your trees, lessening the likelihood of damage from storms or disease.

    One call, and we do it all.

    Estimates are always free, and we’re always up to the task no matter how difficult the job.

    Sand Springs, OK Tree Services

    Our team of tree specialists and certified arborists are proud to provide residents and business owners in the Jenks, OK community with a comprehensive range of reasonably priced tree care options.

    Our skilled team of tree specialists is dedicated to providing exceptional service and value, backed by a history of completing jobs that go above and beyond our clients' expectations.

    Common Tree Services Throughout Sand Springs:

    Professional Tree Removal Services In
    Sand Springs, OK

    Sand Springs Tree Removal

    When Should You Have Your Tree Removed?

    Common Signs You May Need to Remove Your Tree

    We have a profound respect and appreciation for the natural world and all of its living organisms. While cutting down trees is never anyone's first choice, it may be necessary in certain cases.

    In spite of appearances, even trees in good condition might harbor unforeseen threats to people and property. Dangers may arise from a number of sources, including rotted cores, fragile branches, concealed illness, branch imbalances, unbalanced development, pests, and more.

    When repair, bracing, or trimming won’t cut it, tree removal may be the most appropriate course of action.

    Damage, disease, or rot that can be seen by the naked eye are all possible warning signs that your tree has to be cut down.


    • Poor crown development

    • Cankers on bark

    • Visible root damage

    • Storm damage

    • Hollow limbs

    • Invasive pests

    • Leaf spottiness

    • Weak or dying branches

    • Discolored or peeling bark

    • Discolored or misshaped leaves

    • Leaf loss in spring or summer

    Be aware that not all indicators of decay or deterioration are readily apparent. A trained arborist on our staff can assess the situation and identify any dangers that might not be obvious.

    Two images of workers using chainsaws to cut down trees, both wearing safety gear. One worker is cutting a tree while elevated, and the other is cutting a fallen tree trunk on the ground.
    A double inlayed image that shows an arborist in climbing gear up in a tree cutting off branches with a chainsaw and the other images shows a man on the ground cutting down a tree for removal in Sand Springs, OK

    Emergency Tree Services in Sand Springs

    Emergency tree services are a common service call in Sand Springs, OK. Strong winds, storms, accidents and more can all result in fallen limbs, downed trees, and significant damage to property. From blocking roadways, to caving in roofs, when an emergency strikes, you need help fast.

    As a local tree service, we live and work in the same neighborhoods you do, enabling our emergency response team to be on site fast. Within minutes we can quickly assess the damage, and provide you with a free estimate on the most affordable solutions to get your property back to normal.

    When emergencies strike, Trees By Jake is here to help. Day or night, our team is on standby and ready to help.

    Sand Springs Tree Trimming

    Our Licensed Arborists Are Experts
    At Tree Health And Sculpting

    Professional arborists have studied tree science and tree biology in depth, and have earned degrees to prove it. They have worked extensively with many different kinds of trees in the Sand Springs, OK area, making them capable of offering expert opinions on the tree's condition, potential dangers, and recommended care.

    Tree Trimming And Pruning Services

    Each year brings with it seasonal cycles that result in tree growth, with fall and spring representing the best opportunities to address any issues that arise. During spring and fall, trees can be pruned, trimmed, braced, and shaped without causing too much stress on the species.

    A man operating a forestry bucket while prunning trees in the community.

    The Importance Of Tree Trimming And Maintenance For Sand Springs, OK Residents

    Pruning and trimming are essential parts of healthy tree care, and a key element of responsible property ownership. Apart from safety and tree health, trimming and maintenance offers several benefits well worth exploring.

    Benefits Of Tree Trimming And Pruning In Sand Springs:

    • Improve curb appeal and the aesthetics of your property

    • Reduce the potential for injury and property damage caused by falling branches

    • Extend the lifespan of the trees on your property

    • Encourage healthy growth and results in an idyllic representation of the species

    • Reduce the risk of damage from storms and high winds

    • Minimize the risk of pests and disease

    • Establish a healthy limb balance

    A local arborist pruning trees for a client in Sand Springs, OK.

    Stump Removal And Stump Grinding in Sand Springs

    When Should You Have Your Tree Removed?

    Tired of stumps that do nothing more than create unnecessary eyesores around your yard? Stumps aren’t just an unattractive blemish on an otherwise beautiful landscape, they can harbor pests, mold, and fungi, all while reducing your usable outdoor spaces.

    Let our team of experienced tree specialists safely, quickly, and affordably remove stumps from your property. No matter the size or location, we can quickly transform your yard into a more usable space that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

    A double inlayed image, both photos are of men using a chainsaw to cut down large trees.
    cabling a tree

    Tree Cabling And Bracing

    Bracing And Stabilizing Trees

    Even in ideal conditions, trees don't always develop into the perfect representations of their species. In many cases, your trees need a helping hand in order to grow into the picturesque shapes you’re aiming for.

    Genetics, weather, pests, diseases, nutrients in the soil, and the amount of sunshine it receives can all play a role in how your tree develops and grows over time.

    Proper cabling and bracing can help save trees that otherwise may require removal down the road. Our arborists can help identify areas of weakness or stress, while helping to shape the tree into a near-perfect form.

    Annual Tree Inspection

    As a responsible property owner, you should check the health of your trees on a regular basis. The health of your trees is largely dependent on your attention to how they are maintained throughout the year, and annual inspections are the best way to monitor their condition and catch problems early on while they are still easy to remedy. Often, this is the deciding factor in whether or not a tree may be saved or must be removed at a later date.

    Disease Diagnosis And Treatment

    Did you know Oklahoma is home to more than 12 million wooded acres? Although this makes for a beautiful landscape, many tree diseases and pests flourish in this healthy ecology of trees, eventually making their way onto the properties of residents throughout Sand Springs.

    Common Pests And Diseases In Ok Include:

    Pecan Scab

    Bagworms and Webworms

    Anthracnose (leaf disease)

    Common oak defoliators

    Common oak defoliators

    Oak canker

    Asian longhorn beetle

    Emerald ash bore

    Pine wilt

    Sudden oak death

    And more...

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Tree Services In Sand Springs, OK

    How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

    While some locals are put off by estimates of how much tree removal could set them back, it's important to remember that the costs of not doing so could end up being far higher in the long run.

    Our pricing is among the most affordable in the industry, yet we never skimp on quality to achieve it. We believe in hard work and results for a fair price. Taking down a tree is a dangerous and difficult task that calls for experts, not to mention heavy machinery and specialized equipment (don't worry, we're insured). Each of which contributes to the cost of our services.

    Depending on several factors, including location, tree size, and difficulty, the cost to have a tree cut down may vary from $425 to $1300 in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

    How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

    The cost to get a stump removed depends on its location and size. Stumps removal in Sand Springs typically averages between $150 to $300, but could be lower or higher depending on the job.

    What is the Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Sand Springs, OK?

    As a broad category, tree care includes many different types of tree services, each of which has a different price tag depending on the service and level of difficulty involved.

    The cost of a project might vary depending on variables like the total number of trees, the kind of trees involved, and the total hours of labor needed to complete the task. The typical price tag for tree upkeep ranges between from $300 to $600.

    Client Reviews

    green five stars rating

    First, let me start by saying that communication between a business and its potential clients is one of the most important aspects for establishing a foundation of trust and integrity. Trees by Jake blew this requirement out of the water. Allison was prompt and replied to every email I sent, often within minutes. My questions and concerns were answered in a professional manner. This is a rare and welcome experience. When I began shopping for tree trimming services I was ghosted by several companies and if one responded it was often many days after my call or email. Of several companies that DID respond, their estimates were very high. So imagine my surprise when Trees by Jake not only responded PROMPTLY, but ALSO had the best price !? Win win in my book. The team did an outstanding job and knew what they were doing to improve the overall health of my very very large sweet gum tree. I want to thank them for their expertise and efficient work. If you are considering tree trimming/removal services then this is the company to go with. Full stop. We will be using them again in the future.

    Brent Iwanski

    green five stars rating

    They got the equipment, crew and expertise to perform any and all tree services. I’ll use them again on our phase II project!

    Phil Wilson

    green five stars rating

    The best professional tree service around! If you want it done right and promptly you’ll call Jake and Allison!

    Billie Glendenning

    Our Tree Projects In Sand Springs

    Stump Grinding - Content image

    Large tree removal from a residence in Sand Springs.

    Tree trimming in Sand Springs for a large older tree.

    Using proper tree cabling techniques to stabilize a tree in Sand Springs.

    After a tree removal in Sand Springs we are performing stump grinding to get the stump below ground level.

    Cable attached to a tree
    Bixby arborist grinding a tree stump beside the road

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