Unfortunately, there are times when a tree will need to be removed.  Obvious reasons to remove a tree include declining health, damage, or location.  If a tree is dead, dying, rotting, or diseased, it should be removed.  Removing a dead or dying tree is advisable as soon as you notice it as the longer you wait, the more dangerous it may become.

fungus growing near a tree's roots

This tree was removed because it had a fungus at the base that was undermining the structural integrity of the tree.

While a diseased tree may not be as obvious as a dead or dying tree, signs of a diseased tree include yellow or discolored leaves that lack veins, falling branches, or rot on the trunk, branches, or roots.  Disease undermines the structural integrity of the tree making it more likely to cause damage.  A tree that is infected with pests or insects and cannot be treated will also likely need to be removed.

If a tree is damaged from a storm or construction, it may need to be removed depending on the extent and type of damage.  A Certified Arborist will be able to determine whether restorative pruning or removal is the best option.

Structure preservation is something to consider when it comes to deciding whether to remove a tree.  Unfortunately, many trees are removed because the wrong tree was planted in the wrong place.  If a tree is too close to a home or other property and the tree is in constant contact with the property, rot may result to the structure itself.  Trees with invasive roots can also cause problems by threatening foundations, driveways, or plumbing pipes and can result in thousands of dollars in damage.  Safety should also be considered when it comes to tree removal.  Trees that are too close to power lines or leaning toward property may also need to be removed, though it may be possible to prune the tree back to help ensure structural integrity and safety.  Other reasons to remove a tree include structural issues such as interior decay, a weak crotch, cracks in the trunk or large stems, and exposed or lifted roots.

If you think you have a tree that may need to be removed, an assessment by a Certified Arborist can determine whether pruning or removal is the best option.

aerial view of a half-fallen tree

This tree was heavily damaged in a storm when the entire canopy snapped over and removal was the only option.

a chainsaw placed on top of a cut tree trunk on the floor of a backyard

This Pecan was removed because it was rubbing up against a house and causing damage.


The cost of tree removal depends on a variety of factors, including the size, health, and location of the tree and the extent of the work performed.  A tree that is over a property, near power lines, or is in declining health is likely to cost more because of the skill and risk associated with the removal.  It is best to have a Tulsa Certified Arborist take a look to provide an accurate cost.


Tree removal is a highly technical task that requires trained and qualified professionals and it is important to hire a professional tree service with a Certified Arborist when it comes to tree removal.  Certified Arborists are trained to detect structural issues and can identify any factors that may contribute to susceptibility.  A tree service is skillfully trained in how to safely and efficiently remove a tree and will have all of the proper equipment to do so.  While many landscape companies offer tree removal services, often times they are only insured for landscape work that does not include tree removal services.  If a landscape company is only insured for landscape work and damage occurs from tree work, insurance will not cover damages.  When you hire a professional tree service with a Certified Arborist, you know that industry standards are followed and your property is in good hands.


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